The language
of new

Chat without rules, message without words

The language of new generation

don't need

Speek – the language you both understand

Feelings dont need words

Your secret

Speek - the language not meant for adults

Your secret language

No words,
just emotions

Emoji pack by Sasha Cat

No words, just emotions

Create your own language

Emoji pack by Katya Adushkina

Create your own language

The language of new generation

Enough with the rules! Having access to the internet and crowdsourcing platforms you can create your own reality.

We offer an open site area for building a brand new language. We are the "Minecraft" in the world of messengers.

We pursue an interesting and ambitious goal - with the help of our users, we seek to create a language that wouldnot have a single word

Search for unique emojis

Chat with your friends using more than three thousand emojis grouped into convenient categories, like Trends, People, Leisure, Fashion, Gestures etc.

Now you can use emojis for abstract ideas, such as "yesterday", "close" or "long time ago“, which is impossible to do in any other application.

Create your own language

Assign your own unique meaning to any single or group emoji and add it to your dictionary. Every emoji has a basic meaning, but you can change them all.

There are no more rules or limits. However universal, emojis can get your special meaning, just for you and your friends.

Learn to chat in Speek

Go with the hints, tapping at any emoji or phrase. Sometimes it’s hard to put our feelings into words. Words may make them sound banal, cheap and clear-cut

Emojis speak volumes and leave a lot to interpretation. Looking through the hints will help you learn a new language of emojis with ease and fun.

Use quick phrases

We often need a quick and meaningful way to reply to a message. That is what emoji phrases can do better than words.

We enrich the list of frequently used phrases and expressions in the Speek language on a regular basis. You can find them in a special tab on the keyboard. You can also add to this list by saving your own expressions as favorites.